What can I do with my waxy food containers, such as those for ice cream and microwavable meals?

Wax and plastic lined food containers are included in a provincial recycling program for packaging and printed paper in BC.  This program is managed by a non-profit organization called Recycle BC. Common examples of these containers are those for ice cream, microwavable meals, and milk products. These containers are included in many curbside recycling programs in BC, and can be placed with household containers (not paper) once they are free of food residue.

The lids are also included, but they should remain separate from the container. Some municipalities, however, do not include these items in their curbside recycling programs. In this case, Recycle BC also has drop off locations across the province for these items. For more information on these depots, and on local recycling guidelines, visit the Recycle BC website or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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