Single-use pods are included in a recycling program in BC through an organization called Recycle BC. Through this program, many communities across the province accept these items in their curbside recycling, provided that the pods are emptied and rinsed out prior to recycling. The plastic or foil lids from these pods would not be included for recycling, and can be disposed of as garbage.

For residents who cannot put these items into their recycling bins, there are also local depots that accept empty pods free of charge. For local options and information, visit the Recycle BC website or call the RCBC Recycling Hotline. For larger volumes of coffee pods, there is also a recycling option through a company called TerraCycle. Residents or businesses can choose from three different box sizes to meet their recycling needs. Once the box is full, it can be shipped back to TerraCycle. There is a cost for this service. For more information on this program, visit the TerraCycle website.

Although recycling is very important, the Recycling Council of BC encourages residents and businesses to follow reduction and reuse practices whenever possible. Many alternatives exist for single-use pods, including refillable pods, French Press, coffee makers, and many others. These options can be explored in more detail both online and through local retailers.

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