Our Approach

RCBC is committed to working toward creating a circular economy in BC.

We’ll do this by informing and educating the public, businesses and institutions through raising awareness of the circular economy and sharing strategies for moving our collective actions up the waste hierarchy.

We’ll influence systems and frameworks in support of more robust norms, guidelines, resources, and legislation for a circular economy and waste reduction.

And, to serve all of this work, we will convene our colleagues, partners, allies and sector experts to discuss innovation, deepen our understanding and build capacity.

If you’d like to discuss collaboration on an event, please contact our Executive Director, Lyndsay Poaps at lyndsay[at]rcbc.ca.

Upcoming Events

Watch this space for upcoming events and webinars!

Recent Webinars

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Seasonal Campaigns

We join forces with other recycling councils across Canada each fall to promote and celebrate Circular Economy Month with a public and media awareness campaign.

We partner with regional districts each December to promote public awareness of the benefits of giving the gift of experiences instead of things.