The symbol consisting of a number surrounded by a triangle, or three arrows in the shape of a triangle, is a resin identification code used to identify the type of plastic an item is made of. It does not mean the item can be recycled.

For communities that receive recycling collection through the Recycle BC program, if the plastic item is not on the list of materials accepted in the program, it’s not accepted, regardless of whether it has the resin code.

Recycle BC is responsible for collection and recycling of residential packaging and paper in BC. Recycle BC is a non-profit organization that uses fees paid by retailers, manufacturers, and other organizations that supply packaging and printed paper in the province to finance residential recycling for those materials. In many areas across BC, either directly or working with local governments and community organizations, Recycle BC collects plastic containers, flexible plastics, and foam packaging for free recycling.

Certain Metro Vancouver Recycling and Waste Centres accept rigid plastics with certain plastic codes on them. Some private plastic recyclers accept plastic items for recycling, usually at a cost. For details, please visit RCBC’s Recyclepedia or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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