Our Policy Approach

RCBC collaborates with researchers, academia, other non-profit organizations, industry sector experts and public sector policy analysts to develop potential policy frameworks for improving our approach to the circular economy in BC and across Canada.


Extended Producer Responsibility is an approach to recycling that requires producers, such as manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to take responsibility for the life cycle of the products they sell, including collection, such as curbside collection or collection depots, and recycling the packaging and products they collect.

Producers often come together to form industry sector agencies that operate recycling programs on their behalf.

Towards a Circular Economy

We’re working with partners and allies to move BC towards a circular economy. It’s the next big evolutionary step that takes us beyond just the 3Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Current Collaborations

We partner and collaborate with governments, private sector organizations, non-profits, and community groups on a variety of waste reduction strategies and initiatives.

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Current Initiatives

RCBC has worked on a series of programs and projects over the years for the benefit of BC’s residents and environment. Here’s what we’re currently working on.

Information Services

We’ve been here to answer your recycling questions since 1990.  We’ve been providing information and education about BC programs and services for more than 30 years.


Each year we honour the valuable contributions of individuals and organizations towards the protection of BC’s environment.

Residential Reuse

We encourage, support, and advocate for reuse along with recycling.  Both are important in the circular economy.