Residential packaging foam and flexible plastics are accepted for recycling at all Recycle BC depot locations. They should not be placed in curbside or multi-family collection containers, unless expressly permitted by the service provider. Most residential recycling systems operate through the Recycle BC program, which prohibits these materials from inclusion in curbside recycling.

Foam packaging breaks and crumbles easily during the collection process. The broken pieces are difficult to separate from other recyclables and this mixture of materials is incompatible with the recycling process, meaning that neither the foam nor the other materials can be recycled properly. Flexible plastics also create challenges in the recycling process if they are mixed with other recyclables, often becoming jammed in sorting equipment.

In 2021, Recycle BC ran a recycling collection pilot project to collect soft plastics and foam packaging from selected households in BC. The purpose of the project was to explore the feasibility of collecting these materials in addition to what is already collected from homes. 

Visit RCBC’s Recyclepedia for drop-off options or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline for all options available in your community.

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