Welcome to the Recycling Council of British Columbia!

The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council established in 1974. As a registered charitable organization, our goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste.

Through our Recycling Hotline and Recyclepedia, we provide BC's most comprehensive source of information for the province's 17 Extended Producer Responsibility programs, curbside recycling systems, and other waste reduction/reuse options for products and materials British Columbians encounter every day. In 2019, we answered over 225,000 questions on recycling, reuse, and general waste reduction information! 

RCBC Updates

New! The RCBC Webinar Series

Circular Economy Policy Updates

RCBC is pleased to announce our 2020 webinar series, exploring topics that are critical to the vision of a circular economy. The second webinar will be focused on regulatory changes in recycling and the advancement of a circular economy that will affect both business and local governments across Canada. Proposed and pending changes in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and the maritime provinces will be discussed.

This webinar will be presented in partnership with the Recycling Council of Alberta. RCBC Members can register for the reduced member rate.

For upcoming speaker and event details, please visit the registration page HERE.

Waste Reduction Week 2020

Waste Reduction Week 2020

This year for Waste Reduction Week, RCBC is going #BackToBasics! We're celebrating the 3Rs as we get used to a new normal with COVID-19. Are you doing more shopping online? Cooking more at home? Ordering take out meals? Let's get back to basics, and learn how we can continue to work towards zero waste while focussing on reducing, reusing and recycling. Check out our Waste Reduction Week page for more tips and resources!

The RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast Series

Listen to RCBC CEO Brock Macdonald in conversation with subject matter experts, industry innovators, thought leaders and other disruptors changing recycling, waste reduction, and product stewardship, towards a circular economy. Episodes cover topical matters on big-picture environmental issues that matter to you, as RCBC strives towards its vision of a world without waste.