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The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council established in 1974. As a registered charitable organization, our goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste.

Through our Recycling Hotline and Recyclepedia, we provide BC's most comprehensive source of information for the province's 17 Extended Producer Responsibility programs, curbside recycling systems, and other waste reduction/reuse options for products and materials British Columbians encounter every day. In 2018, we answered over 215,000 questions on recycling, reuse, and general waste reduction information! 

RCBC Compostable Plastics Workshop November 22, 2019

RCBC Compostable Plastics Workshop

British Columbia is shifting towards reducing or eliminating single-use plastic items, including but not limited to; take-away containers, straws, cutlery and to-go cups. The result is an increase in the production and distribution of biodegradable or compostable plastic products as alternatives. With the influx of plant-based plastics, questions arise about the opportunities and challenges related to manufacturing, purchasing, using, recycling and composting these single-use biomass derived products.

Learn more at an educational and interactive workshop hosted by RCBC; with speakers providing the science behind these materials, current policy and regulation review, as well as the manufacturing and processing landscape. Presentations will be followed by a facilitated breakout session allowing stakeholders to dig deeper into the issues.

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More information here, https://www.rcbc.ca/events/compostableworkshop