Welcome to the Recycling Council of British Columbia!

The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council established in 1974. As a registered charitable organization, our goals is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste.

Through our Recycling Hotline and Recyclepedia, we provide BC's most comprehensive source of information for the province's 17 Extended Producer Responsibility programs, curbside recycling systems, and other waste reduction/reuse options for products and materials British Columbians encounter every day.  In 2018, we answered over 215,000 questions on recycling, reuse, and general waste reduction information! 

RCBC Forum of Future EPR Priorities

Thank you to those of you who attended RCBC's EPR gap analysis forum. RCBC will be summarizing the feedback collected during the event to create a final report for the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. This report will include a list of prioritized product categories and materials which may be used in future submissions as a resource of community priorities for potential future EPR programs.  

If you wish to voice your feedback, you can email comments to rcbc@rcbc.ca until July 3.