Advisory Committee

Metro Vancouver is undergoing a review and update process for the region’s Solid Waste Management Plan, a document which contains goals and objectives for the management of garbage and recyclable materials. This update process seeks to and identify opportunities for accelerated waste reduction and diversion while reducing greenhouse gases and promoting a circular economy.

The purpose of the solid waste management plan public/technical advisory committee is to provide a forum for contribution from individuals from a range of backgrounds to inform the review and update of the solid waste management plan.


What We’re Doing

As part of the Solid Waste Management Plan Public Advisory Committee, RCBC’s Executive Director will provide advice and input on the development of an updated solid waste management plan. Provincial guidelines recommend initiating a plan review on or before the 10-year anniversary of the current plan’s approval. This is an opportunity to provide important feedback on what is the most comprehensive and major Solid Waste Management plan in the province, impacting approximately 2.5 million residents and 21 municipalities, 1 electoral area and one treaty First Nation. RCBC is focused on listening, learning from others and speaking strongly for approaches that move the region up the waste hierarchy, increase diversion rates, and minimize waste generation.

Metro Vancouver Programs

Metro Vancouver takes this approach to solid waste management: Planning for less waste, improving reuse and recycling systems and managing the remaining waste reflects the public’s expectations of high environmental stewardship, as well as the desire to keep waste management affordable. Current goals include reducing the waste generated and aspiring to recycle 80% of the region’s waste.

Solid Waste Facilities

Metro Vancouver run five Solid Waste and Recycling Centres in the region, and the City of Vancouver runs two more stations.

Reduction & Reuse Programs

Metro Vancouver has a variety of reduction and reuse programs for items such as food, single-use plastics, and clothing.

Recycling Program

Metro Vancouver facilities participate in a variety of recycling programs and impose disposal bans on certain items because they can be easily recycled or are hazardous.

Projects & Initiatives

In addition to the Public Advisory Committee, Metro Vancouver has a few other solid waste projects and initiatives.

Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Management Plan Publications

Updates on the status of the Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Management Plan update process.

Metro Vancouver SWMP Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (2021)
Metro Vancouver SWM Summary (2020)
Metro Vancouver Integrated SWMP (2011)