Where can I take my used car and truck tires for recycling? (With Bonus Video)

Car and truck tires can be recycled through a province-wide program managed by Tire Stewardship BC.  Up to four tires per person, per day can be dropped off free of charge at a number of participating retailers, provided that the tires are off rim.  Tires that are still on-rim will be charged a de-rimming fee before they can be recycled.  This fee varies depending on the retailer.  For a list of drop-off locations, visit Tire Stewardship BC or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline.  

On average between 80% and 90% of the scrap tires collected are recycled into products. Most are recycled into crumb rubber, which are granules of rubber with the steel and fibre removed. Recycled rubber is then used to create a variety of products including athletic tracks, synthetic turf fields, and playground surfacing. The remaining scrap tires collected are used as a fuel supplement in the cement and pulp and paper industries.

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