How do I recycle my old refrigerator or freezer?

Warning message

Some recycling and solid waste facilities are temporarily closed, operating with reduced hours, or accepting a limited range of materials – please call ahead. Consider delaying your visit to facilities unless absolutely necessary by storing dry recyclables and other items at home temporarily.

Refrigerators and freezers use Freon and other chlorofluorocarbons as a refrigerant. These cooling agents have been identified as ozone-depleting substances and must be safely drained from refrigeration units by a trained technician at a licensed facility.

Many local landfills and transfer stations are equipped to recycle fridges and freezers. The units can also be picked up by private disposal or recycling companies. A handful of municipalities in B.C. offer free pick-up of fridges and freezers. Contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline for options available in your community.  Drop off options can also be found on the RCBC Recyclepedia.

The BC Hydro "Fridge Buy-Back Program" has been permanently discontinued.

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