Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) reflect the cost of recycling the item you are purchasing. The collection of EHFs funds the recycling program, including depot operation, shipping and storage of collected electronics, and public education. Charging EHFs ensures that consumers accept responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the product they are purchasing, including the final disposal.

This fee is charged at the point of purchase to allow “free” recycling drop-off, which increases participation in the recycling program. The retailer may choose to display the EHF separately or as part of the total cost of the product, but displaying the fee separately helps educate consumers on the cost of disposal. For a complete list of the different Environmental Handling Fees charged on electronics, visit the Return-It website.

Visit RCBC’s Recyclepedia for drop-off options or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline for all options available in your community.

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