As of December 20, 2023 there will be a phased-in implementation of the regulation. Regulated items will banned, provided by-request only, or charged a fee at the following dates: 

December 20, 2023:

  • Prohibited: Single-use Plastic Utensils
  • Available By-Request Only: Food Service Accessories

July 15, 2024:

  • Prohibited: Plastic Shopping Bags, Plastic Food Service Ware, Biodegradable Plastic/PVDC Food Wrap
  • Restricted: Compostable Plastic Food Service Ware

July 1, 2028:

  • Prohibited: PVC Food Wrap

July 1, 2030:

  • Prohibited: Polystyrene Foam Trays (for raw meat products)

Enforcement will be complaint driven through BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy complaint phone lines, similar to other BC regulations. Reports can be made to

Complaints can be directed to the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

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