Where can I safely dispose of commercial or industrial volumes of compact flourescant light tubes and bulbs, as well as other light bulbs?

ReGeneration operates the province-wide LightRecycle program for fluorescent light tubes and bulbs, as well as incandescent, halogen, LED lights, and others.  For a complete list of accepted products, visit the LightRecycle website.  If your organization, institution or business has a pallet or more of these items, you are eligible for a free pick-up through the LightRecycle program. A pallet is equal to approximately 500 4-foot fluorescent tubes, 600 HID lamps, or 1,200 CFL light bulbs. 

If you do not have enough to qualify for the pick-up service, there are depots that accept free drop-off of commercial volumes of light bulbs and tubes.  For more information on these options, as well as your closest drop off location, visit the LightRecycle website or call the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

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