Members Code of Conduct & Logo Use Policy

Members Code of Conduct

RCBC Members’ Code of Conduct  (approved April 2011)

“The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is a multi-sectoral, non-profit organization promoting the principles of zero waste through information services, the exchange of ideas and research.”

Membership in RCBC is available to all individuals, organizations or companies who share in the broad philosophies and goals expressed by the foregoing Mission Statement and the RCBC Constitution.

1. The fundamental relationship between each member and RCBC must be one of trust; essential to trust is a commitment to honesty and integrity. Ethical conduct within this relationship imposes certain obligations.

(a) RCBC members must act at all times in full compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable laws.

(b) In his/her relationship with RCBC, no member shall commit or condone an unethical or illegal act or instruct another member, supplier or employee, to do so.

2. Members shall not exploit or invoke their membership in RCBC for personal gain or to promote their business.

3. Members are neither endorsed by RCBC nor by provincially affiliated sponsors or other members.

4. RCBC does not permit its name, logo or written materials to be copied, republished, excerpted, hypertext-linked to a website, or otherwise used for any commercial purpose, including advertising, or to suggest any endorsement, affiliation or sponsorship of any third-party product or service, without the prior written permission of RCBC.

5. Without prior written permission, members may only use the RCBC Logo in accordance with the RCBC Logo Use Policy, upon completion of the RCBC Member Logo Use Form.

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RCBC Logo Use Policy

1. The RCBC logo may only be used to show that an organization or individual is a member of RCBC. Use of the logo should only be accompanied by the text ‘Member of RCBC'. Any other text accompanying the logo is not permitted.

2. RCBC does not permit its members to use the RCBC logo for endorsement of a member's organization, publications, products, services, or programs.

3. RCBC does not permit its members to alter the appearance of the RCBC logo.

4. Member must complete and return the Logo Use Agreement form before logo is released for use.

For current members, download the logo use form.

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