Waste Reduction Week 2019 - October 21-27

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Some recycling and solid waste facilities are temporarily closed, operating with reduced hours, or accepting a limited range of materials – please call ahead. Consider delaying your visit to facilities unless absolutely necessary by storing dry recyclables and other items at home temporarily.

Thank You For Making Waste Reduction Week 2019 A Success!


The 18th annual Waste Reduction Week in Canada took place from October 21-27, 2019

Since 2001, National Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW) has been organized by a coalition of non-government and not-for-profit environment groups from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions across the country.

This year, we want to challenge you to reduce your ecological footprint and hope to inspire you to come up with your own, unique, creative ways to reduce waste.

Share your ideas and activities with us on social media channels with the hashtag #WasteReductionWeek.

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Use the #WasteReductionWeek hashtag to share your own waste reduction efforts!

Check out all the Municipalities that have already proclaimed #WasteReductionWeek! 


Check out these easy to read resources on recycling, EPR programs, circular economy and more!

History of Recycling BC

BC has come a long way when it comes to recycling! Check out the major waste reduction milestones in the province's history. (View I Download)

BC EPR Banner

Check out this guide for facts on many of BC's stewardship programs! (View I Download)

Circular Economy Banner

What is the Circular Economy? Learn how it represents a different approach to the "take-make-toss" model of doing things! (View I Download)

Recycle BC WRW 2018

Who is Recycle BC? Check out some fun 2019 stats on the organization that manages most of the curbside recycling programs in BC! (View I Download)

EPRA Canada WRW 2018

Who is EPRA? Check out some fun 2019 stats on the organization that recycles electronic products from computers and TVs to speakers and old VCR's! (View I Download)

Uncompostables Thumbnail

Composting food scraps properly helps fight climate change, save on precious landfill capacity, and replenishes soil fertility. Check out this infographic to learn what items to keep out of the Green Bin to ensure finished compost comes out great! (View I Download)

#WasteReductionWeek 2019 Theme Days and Spotlights

#WasteReductionWeek 2019 posters

RCBC has developed posters for your school, office, or home so you can show off your commitment to waste reduction. Download your favourite and spread the word! 

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Looking for ideas? Click here for posters, programs and other ideas from past Waste Reduction Week campaigns.