The RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast

Welcome to the RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast Series! 

RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast

Listen to former RCBC CEO Brock Macdonald in conversation with subject matter experts, industry innovators, thought leaders and other disruptors changing recycling, waste reduction, and product stewardship, towards a circular economy. Episodes cover topical matters on big-picture environmental issues that matter to you, as RCBC strives towards its vision of a world without waste.

Who is your host? Brock Macdonald joined RCBC in 2004 after four years as Communications Manager with stewardship agency Product Care. Today, he applies his previous experience as an educator and journalist with his now 20-plus years in waste reduction to promote the circular economy as an overarching strategy to attain both zero waste and sustainable economic development in BC and Canada.

♪ Episode #16: The Original Stewards - Product Care Association (Download)

Mannie Cheung Recyclepedia

In this episode, we dive into the programs managed by Product Care Association, one of the original stewards created in the 1990s. Today, its broadened scope of programs cover four different product areas: Paint, Household Hazardous Waste, Lighting, and Smoke and CO2 alarms.

Guest: Mannie Cheung, Vice President of Operations, Product Care Association

♪ Episode #15: North Okanagan's ReTHINK Waste Project Grants (Download)

Darren Murray Recyclepedia Podcast

Regional District of North Okanagan's Environmental Coordinator Darren Murrary speaks about NORD's new ReTHINK Waste project grants. The program is designed to drive innovative solutions to reduce waste and is backed by a pool of $50,000 to support a variety of approved projects.

Guest: Darren Murray, Environmental Coordinator, North Okanagan Regional District

♪ Episode #14: Project NOURISH and Food Waste Diversion (Download)

Karen Mason Bennett Recyclepedia Podcast

Executive director Karen Mason-Bennett of the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) speaks about project Nourish, a program designed to divert unused and reclaimed food to local food banks and out of the region’s landfill.

Guest: Karen Mason-Bennett, Executive Director, Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT)

Episode #13: 4 BC Entrpreneurs Embracing the Circular Economy (Download)

Allison Boulton Recyclepedia Podcast

Sustainability consultant, educator, and founder of Aslin Consulting Allison Boulton shares four examples of BC entrepreneurs adapting new and current business models to the circular economy.

Guest: Allison Boulton, Sustainability Consultant, Aslin Consulting

Episode #12: London Drugs' Revamped Green Deal Program (Download)

Raman Johal Recyclepedia

London Drugs recently reopened in-store recycling through its New Green Deal Program, but there are some important changes to note before rush down with all your stuff. Check out this conversation with Sustainability Specialist Raman Johal for what’s in and what’s out.  

Guest: Raman Johal, Sustainability Specialist, London Drugs

♪ Episode #11: Staying Professional While Working Remote during COVID-19 (Download)

Recyclepedia Podcast Jan Enns

Get some great tips and techniques from communications expert Jan Enns on staying professional will keeping remote from the dangers of the  COVID-19 pandemic. 

Guest: Jan Enns, Consultant, Jan Enns Communication

♪ Episode #10: The Growing Right to Repair Movement (Download)

Alice Henry

Learn about the growing right to repair movement that advocates that consumer products need to be more easily repairable to improve durability, extend usable lifecycles, increase employment opportunities, and conserve resources. 

Guest: Alice Henry, Project Coordinator, Share Reuse Repair Initiative

♪ Episode #9: Innovation, Improvements, and Convenience in BC's Deposit Return System (Download)

Allen Langdon Podcast

In this episode, Brock speaks with Return-It President and CEO Allen Langdon about a range of innovative changes to BC’s refund deposit system for beverage containers, including uniform deposit levels, express depots expansion, reverse vending machines, and the addition of aluminum beer cans to the list of accepted containers. 

Guest: Allen Langdon, President and CEO, Return-It Canada

♪ Episode #8: Circular Economy Efforts in the US (Download)

Heidi Sanborn

In this episode, Brock talks to Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director of the California-based National Stewardship Action Council, about efforts in the US to advance extended producer responsibility as part of the circular economy. 

Guest: Heidi Sandborn, Executive Director, National Stewardship Action Council

♪ Episode #7: Global Disruption and the Circular Economy (Download)

Leyla Acaroglu Podcast

In this episode, Brock reaches out to Lisbon, Portugal, for a take on opportunities to advance the circular economy during the global disruption of COVID-19 with sociologist, sustainability provocateur, and United Nations Champion of the Earth, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu and internationally recognized thought leader and expert in disruptive design, sustainability and education.

Guest: Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, Designer & UN Champion of the Earth


♪ Episode #6: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Thingery! (Download)

Recyclepedia Podcast Chris Diplock

In this episode, Brock speaks with Chris Diplock, the Founder and CEO of The Thingery Inc., the parent organization of neighbourhood Thingery branches. The Thingery focuses on the development of community-owned lending libraries of things.

Guest: Chris Diplock, Founder and CEO, The Thingery

♪ Episode #5: Updates on Donation Policy from The Salvation Army (Download)

Tonny Colyn Recyclepedia Podcast

In this episode, Brock speaks with Tonny Colyn, National Director of Business Development and Sustainability of The Salvation Army, about the importance of establishing proper health and safety policies as thrift stores reopen to accept public donations nationwide.

Guest: Tonny Colyn, National Director of Business Development and Sustainability, The Salvation Army

♪ Episode #4: BCTFL Stretch to Supply Students During Pandemic (Download)

Mary-Em Waddington Podcast

In this episode, Brock speaks with Mary-Em Waddington from BC Technology for Learning (BCTFL) about the critical need for used computers to refurbish for growing student demand through the pandemic.

Guest: Mary-Em Waddington, Executive Director, BC Technology for Learning Society

♪ Episode #3: Pandemic Disrupts Zero Waste Progress (Download)

Christina Seidel Harv Aujala Podcast
In this episode, Brock talks to Christina Seidel and Harvinder Aujala about some of the measures taken by government and business as cautions in response to COVID-19 that are disrupting the ongoing work towards zero waste and a circular economy.

Guests: Dr. Christina Seidel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta; Harvinder Aujala, Director of Communications and Policy, Recycling Council of BC

In this episode, Brock chats RCBC’s Policy and Communications Director Harvinder Aujala about changes facing BC residents to recycling and waste system. This includes curbside, recycling depots, transfer stations, and industry stewardship programs.

Guest: Harvinder Aujala, Director of Communications and Policy, Recycling Council of BC

♪ Episode #1: Repair, Reuse, Share Initiative (Download)

Rosemary Cooper Podcast

In this inaugural episode, Brock talks to Rosemary Cooper who outlines the multi-organization circular economy initiative on share, reuse, and repair that’s focused on preventing waste. Seeking to tap into existing projects and related stakeholders, the concept is to partner with local governments, who would provide in-kind use of public infrastructure, for community-based events and activities such as repair cafes.

Guest: Rosemary Cooper, Senior Associate, One Earth