The RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast

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Some recycling and solid waste facilities are temporarily closed, operating with reduced hours, or accepting a limited range of materials – please call ahead. Consider delaying your visit to facilities unless absolutely necessary by storing dry recyclables and other items at home temporarily.

Welcome to the RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast Series! 

RCBC Recyclepedia Podcast

Listen to RCBC CEO Brock Macdonald in conversation with subject matter experts, industry innovators, thought leaders and other disruptors changing recycling, waste reduction, and product stewardship, towards a circular economy. Episodes cover topical matters on big-picture environmental issues that matter to you, as RCBC strives towards its vision of a world without waste.

Who is your host? Brock Macdonald joined RCBC in 2004 after four years as Communications Manager with stewardship agency Product Care. Today, he applies his previous experience as an educator and journalist with his now 20-plus years in waste reduction to promote the circular economy as an overarching strategy to attain both zero waste and sustainable economic development in BC and Canada.


♪ Episode #4: BCTFL Stretch to Supply Students During Pandemic (Download)

Mary-Em Waddington Podcast

In this episode, Brock speaks with Mary-Em Waddington from BC Technology for Learning (BCTFL) about the critical need for used computers to refurbish for growing student demand through the pandemic.

Guest: Mary-Em Waddington, Executive Director, BC Technology for Learning Society

♪ Episode #3: Pandemic Disrupts Zero Waste Progress (Download)

Christina Seidel Harv Aujala Podcast
In this episode, Brock talks to Christina Seidel and Harvinder Aujala about some of the measures taken by government and business as cautions in response to COVID-19 that are disrupting the ongoing work towards zero waste and a circular economy.

Guests: Dr. Christina Seidel, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Alberta; Harvinder Aujala, Director of Communications and Policy, Recycling Council of BC

In this episode, Brock chats RCBC’s Policy and Communications Director Harvinder Aujala about changes facing BC residents to recycling and waste system. This includes curbside, recycling depots, transfer stations, and industry stewardship programs.

Guest: Harvinder Aujala, Director of Communications and Policy, Recycling Council of BC

♪ Episode #1: Repair, Reuse, Share Initiative (Download)

Rosemary Cooper Podcast

In this inaugural episode, Brock talks to Rosemary Cooper who outlines the multi-organization circular economy initiative on share, reuse, and repair that’s focused on preventing waste. Seeking to tap into existing projects and related stakeholders, the concept is to partner with local governments, who would provide in-kind use of public infrastructure, for community-based events and activities such as repair cafes.

Guest: Rosemary Cooper, Senior Associate, One Earth