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AlarmRecycle is a recycling program for used or expired smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms and combination smoke & CO alarms. The program is managed by Product Care Association.

BC Used Oil Management Association

BCUOMA is a not-for-profit organization open to all brand-owners of antifreeze, lubricating oil, oil filters and oil containers in British Columbia. 

Collection Facilities
Program Brochure 
Ambassador Program 

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BC Brewers’ Recycled Container Collection Council (BRCCC)

BC Brewers’ Recycled Container Collection Council (BRCCC) is responsible for the collection of refillable glass beer and cider bottles (which are returned to brewers for re-use), metal beverage alcohol cans (which are compacted for efficient processing) and their associated secondary packaging (cases, cartons, can rings, etc.).

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Canadian Battery Association 

The Canadian Battery Association (CBA) operates a Province-wide recycling network for consumer and industrial lead-acid batteries.  The CBA operates over 175 Return Collection Facilities in BC for consumer lead-acid batteries and 21 warehouse locations for the larger industrial lead-acid batteries.  Consumer lead-acid batteries should be returned to a retail location such as a Canadian Tire or Kal Tire store. For more information about the CBA and its National Stewardship Program for lead-acid batteries, go to www.canadianbatteryassociation.ca or contact the CBA at 250-216-3664.

Call 2 Recycle 

  call 2 recycle

Call2Recycle has been recycling rechargeable batteries and cell phones through a voluntary program in BC since 1997. As of July 1, 2010 they also began collecting non-rechargeable batteries such as alkaline, UPS and lithium. 

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Electronics Products Recycling Association


Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) is a member based, not-for-profit association comprised of the major producers and retailers of electronic products in British Columbia. It is responsible to the Province for implementing and operating sustainable end-of-life solutions for BC's electronic waste. EPRA selected Encorp Pacific (Canada) as its Program Manager given its operational experience and established infrastructure. EPRA's electronics recycling program is delivered to the citizens of BC, by Encorp Pacific under the brand Return-It Electronics.

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ElectroRecycle - Small Appliance Recycling Program

ElectroRecycle is a small appliance recycling program that accepts over 120 products, ranging in size from toasters and electric toothbrushes to countertop microwaves and vacuum cleaners. Unplugged is run by the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association (CESA) and managed by Product Care Association.

ElectroRecycle Recycling Depot Locations

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Encorp Pacific Canada

Encorp is a not-for-profit stewardship corporation that aims to develop and manage a consumer-friendly and cost-effective system to recover non-alcohol beverage containers from consumers.

Return-It Locations 
Return-It Beverage Program

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Light Recycle

LightRecycle is a recycling program for residential-use lighting products, ranging from light bulbs to flashlights, table lamps and chandeliers. BC residents can drop off their old and broken residential-use lighting products at collection sites across the province. The LightRecycle program will expand to all lamps, ballasts and fixtures from the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors by October 1, 2012. The program is managed by Product Care Association.

LightRecycle Recycling Depots

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Health Products Stewardship Association

The Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) was formed to respond to government and environmental issues relating to the efficient collection and safe disposal of leftover medicines returned by the public in provinces having regulations requiring industry stewardship programs.

Participating Pharmacies
Program Brochure 

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Recycle BC 

Recycle BC is a non-profit industry-led and financed organization that will assume responsibility for managing residential packaging and printed paper recycling on behalf of industry. More information, including lists of RecycleBC collectors and members, is available at www.recyclinginbc.ca. 

RecycleBC Info for Residents 

RecycleBC Info for Small Business

RecycleBC Info for Service Providers

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada

The OPEIC Recycling Program is a recycling pr ogram for electrical outdoor power equipment, ranging from lawn mowers to grass trimmers, chain saws and pressure washers. The program is run by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) and managed by Product Care Association.

OPEIC Recycling Depot Locations


Product Care is a not-for-profit industry sponsored association that manages environmental stewardship programs for paint, flammable liquids, domestic pesticide and gasoline. Product Care also administers the BC fluorescent light bulb and tube (residential use) stewardship program. 

ReGeneration Depots - paints, flammable liquids and pesticides

LightRecycle Recycling Depots

Product Care Program Brochure 

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Recycle My Cell 

Recycle My Cell was created and is maintained by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. CWTA is the authority on wireless issues, developments and trends in Canada. It represents cellular, PCS, messaging, mobile radio, fixed wireless and mobile satellite service providers as well as companies that develop and produce products for the industry. 

Drop off Locations 
Instructions for Clearing Personal Information 

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Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP)


A stewardship plan for thermostats was approved by the Ministry of Environment in February 2010. The plan was submitted by the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating. The plan builds on the program infrastructure of the existing Thermostat Recovery Program (TRP) fully managed by the HRAI.  

Thermostat Recycling Drop-off Locations

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The TELUS Return and Recycle Program


Since 2005 TELUS has been collecting used mobile handsets and accessories for recycling through its Return & Recycle Program. In July 2010, TELUS added wireline telecommunication equipment to the list of accepted items. The goal of the TELUS Return & Recycle program is to divert as many phones and accessories as possible from Canadian landfills and ensures that hazardous components of phones and accessories are disposed of in a responsible manner.

Please visit the TELUS website for more details.

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Tire Stewardship BC

Tire Stewardship BC is a not-for-profit organization formed to manage the scrap tire recycling program on behalf of tire retailers in the province. 

Drop-Off Locations

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