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The Recycling Council of BC's educational outreach program - Road to Zero Waste! - is designed as a resource for teachers who wish to incorporate environmental education in their class curriculum. Its goal is to empower schools and educators in bringing environmental learning to their students through a variety of activities.

Program Overview

  • The Road to Zero Waste! In-Class Presentation which is an interactive
     and visual session that covers basic environmental concepts such as environmental footprint, municipal solid waste, sustainability and the three R's.
  • The Road to Zero Waste! Teacher Resource Materials which is a set of seven activities that touch on various aspects of waste reduction. The activities are designed to meet prescribed learning outcomes for various subjects at the grade 5 level. Teachers can pick and choose activities that are most relevant to their class needs, and in what order to use them. 
  • The Road to Zero Waste! Student Handbook that is a compilation of the worksheets and handouts corresponding with the activities in the Road to Zero Waste! Teacher Resource Materials.

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How is it delivered?

The Road to Zero Waste! Program can be delivered in a number of ways:

In-Class Presentation (for schools in the Greater Vancouver area)
Teachers may choose to incorporate the full program into their class, which would include:
- A 30-minute interactive presentation, facilitated in-class by a trained RCBC staff member
- A 15-minute follow-up activity, immediately following the presentation

Schools may consult with the Road to Zero Waste! Program coordinator to custom-fit the full presentation delivery as needed. These modifications may include additional activities and optional field trips in coordination with local environmental associations.

In-Class Presentation (for schools outside the Greater Vancouver area)
Although we are unable to travel outside the Lower Mainland to deliver the Road to Zero Waste! presentation, it is available for educators to download and present themselves! The presentation includes speaker notes, which act as a guide to instructors who wish to deliver the presentation themselves. The program coordinator is available to provide guidance to any instructors who are preparing to deliver the program. We also provide a complete shopping list, which itemizes the materials you will need for every activity in the presentation.

Another part of the program available to instructors is the Road to Zero Waste! Teacher Resource Materials. Teachers in British Columbia can download this kit - free of charge - and print/copy and distribute whichever activity best achieves their class goals. Every activity is designed to meet a set of Prescribed Learning Outcomes for grade 5 students. The Road to Zero Waste! Program offers a searchable matrix that allows teachers to search which activities address the prescribed learning outcomes they are looking to meet.

The activities range from vocabulary exercises, science experiments to product life-cycle studies. It covers a range of interests and skill levels, and increases the students' awareness and understanding of solid waste, sustainability, recycling programs and other waste reduction principles.

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How do we get started?

Email education(at)rcbc.ca to inquire about a full presentation at your grade 5 class!

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Sample Activities

Below is a sample of an activity that is found in the Road to Zero Waste! Resource Kit.

Road to Zero Waste! - Trash to Treasure Activity

To download the full kit, please contact us at education(at)rcbc.ca

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Contact us!

To find out more about the Road to Zero Waste! Program, to get assistance in using the materials, or to inquire about booking an in-class Road to Zero Waste! Presentation, contact us directly at education(at)rcbc.ca.

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We invite your feedback!

We welcome all feedback from instructors who have reviewed or delivered the material in their classes, as well as instructors who have booked us for an in-class presentation. Your feedback gives us invaluable knowledge that will help us to improve the program for the next school year.

Download the feedback form here. After completing the survey form, please return it to RCBC by fax, e-mail or post.

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