How do I get started with home or on-site composting?

There are many ways to compost, from easy to use Bokashi systems and backyard digesters, to traditional backyard bins and worm composting. There are also new technologies that make on-site composting easier and more attractive on large scales for multi-family and commercial on-site applications. 

How you get started with composting will likely depend on what kind of property you live on as well as how you plan to use the resulting compost. Here are some helpful resources to help get you started with composting at home or work:

  • Check out our RCBC Factsheets on backyard, balcony and indoor composting.
  • The Compost Education Centre in Victoria has several useful compost factsheets with troubleshooting guides including backyard composting and digesters. They also have a demonstration site and offer education programs.
  • City Farmer in Vancouver has many resources on how to compost and grow food in the city. They also provide in-depth information on worm composting as well as on multi-family, business and commercial on-site composting.
  • Vancouver Trash Talk has several resources for food scraps recycling initiatives in condos and apartments.
  • Metro Vancouver On-site Composting Technology Review is an in-depth look at seven on-site composting units. Costs, maintenance, product specifications and ease of use are evaluated on a variety of high and low tech systems.

Some communities offer incentives, subsidizing the costs on certain composting materials. Contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline to find options available in your community.

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