Get Involved as an RCBC Member

Get your listed on the RCBC Recycling Hotline Database

Do you collect materials for reuse or recycling from the residents and business.  Get listed on the RCBC Recycling Hotline Database.   RCBC member organizations received over 12,000 referrals on the Recycling Hotline in the past year. RCBC receives over 150,000 inquiries each year from our Recycling Hotline and online Recyclepedia.  

Request for a Lunch & Learn for your Staff

Want to motivate your staff on your waste reduction efforts.  RCBC offers Lunch and Learn presentations focusing on waste reduction tips at work and at home for your employees.  Contact us as members(at) and submit a request. 

Feature your organization for an RCBC Zero Waste Profile or on #MemberMondays on Twitter

Is your organization doing something extra ordinary in promoting the circular economy or zero waste in BC? Contact us for an RCBC Zero Waste Profile. Here are some examples of RCBC Zero Waste Case Studies.  

Get the word out about your waste reduction efforts, milestones or services on our weekly Twitter feature #MemberMonday. Send your details to us at members(at)

 Participate in Waste Reduction Week and the annual RCBC Zero Waste Conference

Submit your support for our annual Waste Reduction Week campaign.  Attend and meet your fellow members, become an exhibitor, or be a featured speaker an our annual RCBC Conference on Circular Economy.

Refer a member

One of the best ways you can get involved is referring other organizations to become a member of RCBC.  Contact us for a membership package

RCBC Working Groups

As a RCBC Member, you can be involved in the exchange of ideas and the discussion about how we get to zero waste, by becoming a member of one of RCBC's Working Groups.

These ad hoc groups are formed to collect knowledge, share information and make recommendations on specific topics such as organics and composting, packaging, and zero waste to our Policy Committee and Board.

For more information contact Ben Ramos, Member Services Manager at [email protected].

RCBC currently has no active working groups. 

Additional Background
How it Works? - The Policy Development Process (pdf)
Working Group Policy (pdf)