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What are the benefits of becoming a members? | How to Apply for Membership? | Who are RCBC's Members? |  Constitution & By-Laws and Members Code of Conduct | Questions?

Why Join RCBC? 

RCBC members, from individuals to large corporations, all have one thing in common. They recognize that environmental sustainability affects every living thing on this planet, which requires our efforts to reverse the negative impact our industrialized civilization has placed upon our planet. Being an RCBC member makes you a part of the solution and gives individuals and organizations a voice in policy development towards our zero waste goal.

How to Apply for Membership? 

Apply online with our Online Membership Application Form or download a membership package below:

What are the benefits of becoming a member?  

Direct Participation

  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Free job postings on the RCBC website.
  • Participation in RCBC's policy development process.
  • Opportunity to stand for election to the RCBC Board of Directors.
  • Meeting space in the RCBC office for small meetings.
  • Website link on RCBC website and use of logo* in promotional literature.

Information Services

  • Complimentary Listing on RCBC's Recycling Hotline database.
  • Access to the latest information and initiatives on zero waste, recycling, and waste reduction through our website and member advisories.
  • Subscription to our electronic newsletter, Recap.
  • Exclusive access to our video gallery and conference presentation archive.


  • Networking opportunities with a wide-range of waste management professionals, policy experts, and service providers.
  • Affiliation with other organizations with common goals.
  • Multi-sectoral perspectives on current issues reflecting our diverse membership.
  • Reduced rates at RCBC events.
*Use of RCBC's logo is subject to RCBC's logo use policy


Who are RCBC's Members? 

You can view a full listing of RCBC's members here

Constitution and By-Laws & Members Code of Conduct 

Before you apply, please take the time to review the following documents. Prior review of the Constitution and By-Laws and Members Code of Conduct is required before submitting an application.

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about the benefits of membership with RCBC, please contact Jessie Christophersen at (604) 683-6009 ext. 317 or email [email protected]